I was thinking last night …

I was thinking last night about this date in 2010 when we were in Westmead preparing to bring Stella home. We had been told her life was about to end and that she only had days or weeks left, and we chose to spend that time at home. We were so very fortunate to have another 4.5 months with her, thanks to the wonderful support we received from our family and friends and some excellent local health care, in particular from Dr Tim McDonald.

I am so grateful every day for the extra time we got to spend with our darling daughter and the fun times and overwhelming love we shared, and also for what that time caring for her has taught me about the needs of others in the community. I am so glad that I have been able to use that knowledge to help other families with seriously ill children, and children in palliative care, through this foundation created in Stella’s name. The Stella Bella Little Stars Foundation is my silver lining to the pain of losing her and missing her so much, and I’m so thankful to our wonderful committee members, our volunteers and all of our supporters in this community for helping to build it to the success it is today.

I saw this saying this morning, and it matches perfectly with a picture that I took back in April 2010, so I’m sharing them both with you today. I have worn Stella’s little bracelet on my own wrist since the day she died. It's not as shiny now, but the love I have in my heart for her shines as bright as it ever did xxx

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