When caring for a seriously ill child

When families find themselves in one of life’s most stressful situations, often there is little time to do the basics – grocery shopping, cleaning the house, paying the bills or even working. This can put enormous strain on the entire family.

To help families focus on caring for their child, we offer a range of supports directly to families and via hospital social work teams. We understand it can be a struggle to care for yourself while you are caring for your sick baby, so we provide hundreds of meals each year for parents at the NICU at The Canberra Hospital. We also supply food and petrol vouchers, care packages and gifts for special occasions for parents and their little ones. Throughout the year, we host free family events and an annual family camp to give carers and their children the chance to meet others in similar situations. These events also provide a special opportunity for families to spend time together just having fun and enjoying the things that other families get to take for granted, while we look after the catering, entertainment and logistics.

‘In all the years of caring for him in and out of hospital, your foundation warmed my heart the most. It didn’t feel like we were receiving charity. It felt like two mothers talking and understanding one another. I just want to thank you again and to let you know that what you do is amazing. The impact you had on us still moves me to tears all these years later and I will forever be grateful for your support.’

Financial Assistance

When caring for your seriously ill child, sometimes one or both parents is unable to work. It can be a financial struggle on top of the burden of appointments and travelling away from home. In difficult times, it may only take a little extra money to keep things on track. Our financial assistance is tailored to your needs. We can help with food and petrol vouchers. We can also pay for chemist accounts or emergency accommodation. Our financial support is managed through the social work department at the Canberra Hospital, or for Canberra families staying in hospital interstate, you can request a referral through the social work team allocated to your ward.

Assistance We Provide

- Vouchers for food, petrol and other necessities through referrals from the hospital social work dept.

- Financial assistance to help with pharmacy accounts, household bills, and emergency accommodation.

- A range of supports for families with a child in Palliative Care

- Grants for families after the death of a child to help with funeral costs

- Social activities for families throughout the year

- Seasonal gifts for children in hospital and at home

Little Hearts

Little Hearts is a special program for Canberra families who have children with Congenital Heart Disease. Children with CHD often require treatment and long stays in hospitals interstate and that makes life for these families quite isolating and complex.  We provide a little extra support to these families by donating toys and equipment for them to access while staying in the Heart Ward in the Children's Hospital Westmead, as well as vouchers for the cafeteria and financial support during long stays.

We also co host the Little Hearts Play & Chat Group in Canberra where parents and carers can connect and share stories and children can have some fun with other little ones who are on a similar journey. 

Palliative Care

When your little one is in palliative care, it can be really difficult to manage the usual daily tasks needed to run a household, such as paying bills, cooking meals, or organising assistance. It can also be a challenge to take a break. We help by providing financial support, meals, family experiences, vouchers, hampers – anything that is going to brighten your day even if just for a moment.

Child Bereavement

On the sad loss of a child, a hand or footprint, or memorial jewellery, may bring some comfort in the days and years ahead. We can arrange this in a sensitive, quiet way. If you need financial support after your child’s death, we can help. Please contact your care team for a referral.

The 2023 Stella Bella Ball

Enjoy a night of Moulin Rouge decadence at the 2023 Stella Bella Ball!

‘I was lucky enough to have been gifted with an ingot of Lexie’s fingerprint, a piece of jewellery I will wear till the day I die. The precious nature of the ingot is one I will forever be indebted to Stella Bella for.’

Melissa (Lexie’s mum)

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