About the Centre

The Stella Bella Children’s Centre is an all-inclusive childcare facility offering mainstream childcare rooms, and a specialised respite and occasional care unit for chronically ill (non-contagious) babies and children. It’s an exciting concept for care and education of young children aged 0–5 years.

We’re located at Maryborough Street in Fyshwick.

Read the Stella Bella Children's Centre Philosophy, Policies and Procedures

Our philosophy

Our care model is guided by the philosophies of Rudolph Steiner. In early childhood, the Steiner method aims to create a nurturing environment involving natural play materials, vegetable gardens, and in some cases, chickens to care for and to collect eggs for baking. Young children learn to cook, paint, garden and use tools. They explore their environment, learn to share, cooperate and socialise. Young children are given the time to play, enjoy childhood and build strong foundation skills before formal academic learning begins.

Our unique centre offerings

Long day care

Mainstream rooms as well respite care and learning in the special care unit.

Hospital grade hygiene

The highest standards in hygiene practices and cross-infection prevention.

Flexible and family centred

Parent input into the unique care requirements for each child.

Care for complex medical conditions

Each child’s specific care needs are met by well-trained educators and by our full-time registered nurse.

Beautiful rooms

Self-directed play, learning and adventures in a variety of calmly decorated nature-inspired spaces.

Creative childcare structure

All children learn about inclusion and diversity in their community.

A holistic approach

Care and learning at Stella Bella considers the natural and social environment, nutrition and physical health.

Positive relationships

Caregivers are mindful of being their best selves to be role models of positive behaviour.

A multidisciplinary team

Early childhood educators and health professionals focus on continual skills enhancement. to do their best to provide tailored care and learning for all children in our centre.

Reducing isolation

Assistance in reducing isolation for families with a chronically ill child.

Wholesome, delicious meals

All meals and snacks are created by our in-house cook, often using fresh produce picked from our own gardens.

Extra care services

Children and families can participate in regular family events to be part of a kind, caring and inclusive community.

‘A break with peace of mind and learning to be social, which my child has missed out on until now, thanks to the Stella Bella Centre.’ 

Stella Bella Children’s Centre is a registered childcare centre and is bound by the Education and Care Services National Regulations.

Read the Stella Bella Children's Centre Philosophy, Policies and Procedures

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For more information about our Centre and fee structure, or to place your child’s details on our waiting list, please contact us on (02) 6280 9640 or email [email protected]. You can also submit the form below.

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